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Access Control & dwellingLIVE

Access control for Cheval is extremely important.  The community services staff is charged with ensuring all vehicles are properly validated and cleared prior to granting access at any one of Cheval's three gates.  Residents significantly and positively contribute to this effort by ensuring their property's access list is current and accurate (see below).   


Cheval does not have any entrance designated as "commercial" or "freight".  Therefore, residents, guests, and vendors may enter or exit from the community using any of the three gates; Lutz Lake Fern, Dale Mabry, or Ramblewood.    

dwellingLIVE provides the access control solution software, and residents are requested and highly encouraged to create and maintain a dwellingLIVE profile.  By having this profile, residents can use its many features to manage lists and other information specific to their property.  Accurate and current guest lists help achieve and maintain the highest levels of access control expected throughout Cheval.  If a Cheval West resident wishes to create this valuable profile, first contact our Gate Manager to obtain the necessary code.  Residents can use this code to create this profile and improve this service. 

Please go here to access dwellingLIVE's community portal and to find links to its smart phone applications. 

Each gate has video recording devices. All telephone calls, both outbound from and inbound to, the access gates are recorded. 

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