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Water Pollution and Illicit Discharges 

Waterways are very important to the community and everyone must work to protect them.  The various ponds and lakes in the District are interconnected providing both a valuable resource and important water management and flood protection functions. Keeping these waterways healthy and free flowing is very important. Illicit discharges can cause damage to these waterways causing both ecological damage and a potential reduction in the water management functionality of these systems. 

Neighborhood drainage channels water from the streets into these important waterways.  This means if someone discharges liquids onto the District's streets, then these liquids travel directly into the ponds and lakes making up these important waterways.  


It is illegal to discharge most liquids onto the street or directly into these waterways.  If you observe any illicit discharge, please use one of the methods below to report it.  You can also learn more about this topic here and here.

Interested persons can find additional information regarding stormwater management best practices at the following links provided by Southwest Florida Water Management District's website:

  • Information for Florida Residents 

  • Florida Yards and Neighborhood Handbook

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