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Ramblewood Gate - (813) 949-1238
Lutz Lake Fern Gate - (813) 948-4007
Main Gate - (813) 949-8288

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To get your guests through the gates faster be sure to call the gate (numbers above) at let them know you are expecting your guests.

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Vehicle Barcodes Must Be Replaced

This datasheet is provided in Adobe PDF format Barcode Replacement Form

The community will be installing new barcode readers at all of the gates in October and the new units will go live on October 16, 2017.  The new readers will NOT read the old bar codes and all of your vehicles must have a new bar code installed to be able to enter the gate houses in the resident’s lane.

The barcode units that we are using or all over 10 years old with some 17 years old.  We are having a difficult time obtaining parts to keep them running which has led to the gates being down for long periods of time.  Even when we do find parts they have no warranty and are very expensive.  The only thing holding us back from replacing them earlier was the fact we had to change all bar code readers at the same time and had to replace every barcode on every vehicle.

To obtain a new bar code you need to fill out the enclosed form and turn it into any gate house or Email the form to barcode@chevalwest.com.  You can also download a blank form from www.chevalwest.com

On the form, you will select one of two options to obtain your barcode.  The first option is to have the new bar code installed on your car before the new readers are installed.  This means you will have TWO bar codes on your vehicle and when you remove the old barcode the new barcode will be above or beside where the old one was.  For some people, this gap of where the old barcode was will be very distracting so you need to consider that before selecting this option.

The second option is to show up the weekend before the new units go live and we will have people available to remove the old bar code and replace it with the new barcode in the exact same spot.  You must have already turned in your barcode request sheet enclosed with this mailing by October 13th.  If you show up with the form, we will accept it but it will still need to be processed before we can issue you a barcode so you will have to come back at a later date to get your new barcode.

The barcode exchange will be done on Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.  The location will be either in the east most TPC parking lot or on Terrain de Golf Drive east of the TPC parking lot.  This option will be a direct replacement of your existing barcode so the position of the new barcode will be where the old one was.

The new barcodes are black on black so they should blend in a vehicle window that has been tinted very well.  It will also help us identify if you are trying to access the gates with the old barcode instead of the new one.

We understand this is not a task that anyone wishes to go through but we have no other options to be able to provide the residents with a reliable gate entry system without doing this.

October 16, 2017 – New Barcode Readers Go Live
October 14-15, 2017 9:00 am – 5:00 pm – Exchange old barcodes near TPC Golf Course

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Upcoming CDD Meeting Packets

The agendas for the upcoming meeting agendas are usually posted the week before the Cheval West Community Development District (CWCDD) meetings.

This datasheet is provided in Adobe PDF format Upcoming CDD Meeting Packets

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CDD Board Elections 2016

Supervisor Seat 3
Harry 'Butch' Brown (automatically elected since there is no opponent)

Supervisor Seat 4
James T. Crabtree - 281
Ronald G. Nagy - 322
Tracy J. Willsie - 394 (Winner)

Supervisor Seat 5
David W. Bowman - 629 (Winner)
Jack Econom - 321

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Cheval CDD FY 2018 Approved Budget

The tentative FY 2018 budget can be downloaded below:

This datasheet is provided in Adobe PDF format Approved Fiscal Year 2018 Cheval West CDD Budget

Cheval CDD FY 2017 Approved Budget

The approved FY 2017 budget can be downloaded below:

This datasheet is provided in Adobe PDF format Approved Fiscal Year 2017 Cheval West CDD Budget

Cheval CDD FY 2016 Approved Budget

The FY 2016 budget can be downloaded below:

This datasheet is provided in Adobe PDF format Approved Fiscal Year 2016 Cheval West CDD Budget

Cheval CDD FY 2016 Audit

The FY 2016 Audit can be downloaded below:

This datasheet is provided in Adobe PDF format Approved Fiscal Year 2016 Cheval West CDD Audit

Cheval CDD FY 2015 Audit

The FY 2015 Audit can be downloaded below:

This datasheet is provided in Adobe PDF format Approved Fiscal Year 2015 Cheval West CDD Audit


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Barcode Not Working?

Two resolutions were proposed and unanimously approved by residents which may be the cause of your barcode not working. The first was to allow the deactivation of all barcodes associated to an address which has not paid their annual homeowner association dues. These dues are currently $130.00 a year and are due by January 1st of EACH year. If a resident does not pay this homeowner association fee then EVERY barcode assigned to that address will be deactivated starting in April. Once the full amount due (including late fees and if necessary attorney fees) then new bar codes can be issued for a $15 fee per vehicle.

The second resolution that was passed was for any unpaid fine that a homeowner may have. If a homeowner has not paid a fine then the same deactivation policy and new bar code fee will apply as stated above.

If your bar code is not working then you should call Shelly Bramm from Greenacre Properties at 813-936-4160 or Email her at sbramm@greenacre.com to make sure you don't have an outstanding fine or past due homeowner association dues.

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Automated Defibrillator Available To Residents

You may have noticed a small pickup truck around the neighborhood with Cheval West Community Services on the doors.  This service will be provided 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for the residents of the community.  This vehicle is also equipped with a AED (Automated External Defibrillator) which can be dispatched to your residence in case of an heart attack.  If you need the AED dispatched to your residence please call 911 FIRST and then call either the Ramblewood Gate (813-949-1238) or the Lutz Lake Fern Gate (813-948-4007).

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New Trash & Recycle Days

Effective immediately the big gray and blue trash/recycle cans are to be used in Cheval West. Since these cans are picked up by an automated system instead of a person walking beside the truck, you must put ALL trash inside the container. If you leave boxes, items or other trash cans on the curb; they will not be picked up. The automated pick up system is only designed to pick up the large gray and blue containers.

You are also required to keep a minimum of three feet between the container and any other object. Again failure to do that may result in your receptacle not being picked up. Here are the new pick up dates:

Trash pickup (gray container)
Recycle pickup (blue container)

Trash pickup (gray container)
Yard waste

If you are having any service issues please call:
Republic Services 813-265-0292
Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department 813-272-5680

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Cheval West Tot Lot

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Hillsborough County Commissioners

You can get the Email address and Phone Numbers by clicking the picture or name of the County Commissioner.  Please be professional with your comments to the Commissioner's but let them know how you feel about the Lutz Lake Fern widening project or any other issues you may have. You can also send them compliments on the good things they are doing while serving you.

Sandra L. Murman

Victor D. Crist

Victor D. Crist

Leslie 'Les' Miller Jr.

Lesley Miller, Jr.

Al Higginbotham

Al Higginbotham

Ken Hagan

Ken Hagan

Kevin Beckner

Kevin Beckner

Stacy White

Stacy White

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Our Cheval West Community

Welcome to the Cheval West Community Development District Website. Cheval West is a gated community in the Northwestern section of Hillsborough County.  The neighborhood is surrounded by three staffed 24 hour gates giving residents access from the North, South, and East.  A Nature Preserve sits to the West of Cheval West providing a natural setting full of various wildlife for the residents to enjoy.

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"We in America do not have government by the majority.  We have government by the majority that participate."  --Thomas Jefferson


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